Why Are We Even Talking About This?

This post at Evil HR Lady would be funny- if it were not so painful.  I know that when everyone is getting nervous about expenses, companies get very creative about ways to save money.  But this one is a great example of what I was observing about Peter Senge’s presentation.

If your definition of the purpose of your company is to make profits, then you do things like not pay call center employees for the time that they are booting up their computer.  But if you understand that the profits are fuel for a bigger vision, then you understand the experience that you want that first customer of the day to have- and what you want that call center employee thinking about when they take that call.  No one in manufacturing would purposely aggravate their production equipment.  Why would a call center go out of their way to disengage their face to customers?

Remove firearm from storage, point at foot (be certain to load first) pull trigger.  I am certain it seemed like a good idea to someone under huge budget pressure at the time.