What Would You Begin…

What would you begin tomorrow if you knew that you would not fail?

It is an interesting question.  It is trite and “woo-woo” enough to show up in all kinds of inch-deep-mile-wide inspirational venues.  And it is the kind of question that a poorly trained life coach can ask when they are untethered in the conversation and still want to appear wise and helpful.

And yet, it is a question that when well timed, can be very powerful.  Knowing the answer may not provide a practical way forward in the situation we are pondering.  But understanding what I would truly do if success were guaranteed can help me understand where my heart is.  It can help me to understand what is important to me vs. to the world’s expectations and help me measure the need to bridge the two.

When faced with multiple options or at one of those junctures where life requires that you find a new path, this question is a great one to ponder.  I may not be able to secure peace in the Middle East or cure cancer- but if i know that those are what I would start if I was guaranteed success, I know where I will find passion to fuel me when I am face to face with not succeeding.