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Executive Coach & Facilitator

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”Perhaps you tell yourself . . .”
  • . . . that a few more hours every day, a tougher mindset and a singular focus on expense management will win the day.
”Likely you continually want to believe . . .”
  • . . . that your calendar will be clearer, your risk profile healthier and your distractions fewer in a few months or a few weeks. But the horizon always moves for a top decision maker.
”And while you know that leadership development is important . . .”
  • . . . your own and your organization’s, it is often delayed in favor of the urgent or the daily firefight.
”You are there as support for others . . .”
  • . . . dealing with the challenges that only cross the top executive’s desk- but rarely get the kind of frank and honest support you provide.
”You get plenty of advice . . .”
  • Your Accountant, Attorney, Consultant and even your spouse mean well and have solid council for you.  But none of them can see outside what they want and believe for you.  They mean well, but they have not walked in your shoes, so cannot have a CEO’s perspective.
”All that may keep the doors open . . .”
  • . . . but there is rarely breakaway growth down that path.  And at some level you know that the growing the business requires your own growth as a leader- and the council of others who walk that path.

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Member Experience

I host monthly meetings of CEO’s and Owners who meet in a private session each month to sharpen their personal leadership and business skills. I bring in 8 speakers a year on topics of technical business management, leadership, personal growth and more.

Provide and get help with the most important challenges and opportunities. Using the wisdom, experience and candor of the group we dig deep to help members with everything from the casual question to major issues they need help and insight of peers to solve.

Create a structure for Accountability You hold others accountable for their commitments every day- but peers who help engineer and define solutions want to know that you have taken action.  We track commitments, financials and metrics on the altar of being an early warning system for members.

Monthly Executive Coaching I meet monthly with each of my members for individual coaching and a deeper dive into challenges and opportunities that matter most to them.

Vistage CEO Peer Groups

Two of my Vistage CEO peer groups are for leaders who run companies with annual revenues of $5M+, who are facing the challenges and opportunities that come with growth and success; and, who want to share experiences and be held accountable by peers.

Vistage Key Executive Peer Group

My Vistage Key Executive peer group is for executives who report directly to a CEO or are being groomed for Senior Management- and owners of businesses with revenues up to $5 million; and, who want to share experiences and be held accountable by peers.

Are you Vistage material?

Here is what we look for in new Member Candidates:


  1. You and your business need to be healthy. We are not a rescue operation for businesses or leaders who are on their last legs or looking for a short-term fix (or miracle).
  2. We look for openness to new ideas, personal vulnerability, sense of humor and camaraderie. My members have each other’s backs.  There is a deep respect in the room.
  3. We value frank speech and deep listening. We look for members who value hearing multiple points of view. Members depend on each other for the kind of “Carefrontational” feedback and counsel that comes with a trusted environment and willingness to speak and listen courageously.
  4. You must be willing to share your company financials and strategic plans with the group. This is not a casual or disposable thing.  We prefer reality to theory and members are far more able to help if they understand your business and financial operations.
  5. You must be able to maintain strict confidentiality. What happens and is shared in the group stays in the group.  (See #4 above).
  6. As part of new member exploration, we will vet for conflicts of interest. We do not seat competitors or anyone who has a major vendor relationship in the same group (again, see #4).  We want members to be able to talk about anything without fear or reservation.
  7. We want members who are in control of their calendar. In addition to meeting days monthly, we will often put teams together to support a member with a particular challenge or opportunity.  We go on retreat annually (an event planned by the group).  We want all the hearts and minds in the room on for all group events.  An empty chair has no value.
  8. We look for courage and a sincere desire to play a bigger game. A sense of humor and willingness to be open and curious are your best assets for getting the most from a seat at our table.

Want to know more?

Contact me at the link below to schedule an initial conversation. If we are both smiling and nodding after that – I will walk you through the discovery and vetting process for new member candidates. We take member screening seriously.