Room to Read

Sometimes things just work.  The people at CEOREAD who also publish ChangeThis have a surfeit of books.  They come from publishers and writers for review, for award and contest consideration- from everywhere.  So, rather than trash them or send them off for recycling- they are giving us all a chance to make a charitable donation.

The short form is this.  You go to this website: and make a $30.00 donation to Room to Read.  ChangeThis will send you 3 business books- a mystery box but with some guarantees of quality (details on the site).  So- how often can you buy three current business books for $30 AND make a charitable donation at the same time?

This is one of those web models like Free Rice that takes advantage of the web to do well and do good.  So go buy some books and go back to work!

Happy Friday!