Leading When You Are Not The Leader

I know that the U.S. is not the only country in the world with popular elections.  I am also aware that our brand of democracy is swimming in challenges of a free enterprise system that has allowed greed off the leash.  And yet, every 4 years we change the government in the areas most critical without anyone dying and without a shot being fired.

Yes, we take moral and ethical wounds in the way we conduct campaigns.  We show the world the worst of our character by insisting that our candidates promise things and be people that are not real or realistic.  Given how many governments do not change, or change only through violence and bloodshed, or pretend to have free elections while bullying and beating voters, I feel both privileged and powerful when I push the button says “Cast My Vote.”

One thing I have learned about leaders and leadership by watching and coaching: the best know when and how to wield their influence and do not miss an opportunity to do so when it really matters.

In a country where the government is not a “they” but rather a “we” voting is not the only way we can bring about change- but it is the biggest one.  To readers of this blog outside the U.S. (about 55% by the best count I have) my apologies while I speak directly to citizens in the U.S.

Lead well tomorrow: Vote.