Kinship of Victimhood

I have been familiar with my friend David Emerald’s work for a few years now.  But a phrase in his most recent email got my attention: “kinship of victimhood”.  We all collude as victims of something, our relationships, our jobs, the rat race in general (remember Lilly Tomlin?  “The problem with the rat race is, even if you win you are still a rat.”

David’s book, the Power of TED introduces one of those small but very powerful concepts that can be life changing.  In short, David introduces a way out of what Dr. Steven Karpman described as the dreaded Drama Triangle of Victim, Persecutor and Rescuer.  A lot of people have tried to resolve and even redeem this self sustaining set of damaging relationships, but David was the first that Dr. Karpman acknowledged and even endorsed.

David’s most recent TED Letter lays out 7 daily practices for applying the wisdom of TED to your daily life.  This simple set of reminders are both powerful and elegantly simple.  David has not made the leap to the blogosphere yet- but you can find his most recent TED Letter here.

Now, David is taking his ideas on the road with workshops around the country.  I highly recommend getting to one of them.  The concepts you will learn will serve you at work at home in the community and especially as a leader.

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