Hump Day Wisdom: Decisions are Taken- Time to Act

Did you feel it?  Did you notice how much energy, hope, exasperation, optimism and anticipation was placed on the outcome of the election?

How about your own feelings toward a new leader?  For all I know, we may decide tonight when this post goes out or we may be at the beginning of yet another brouhaha in the courts about who won.

Either way, there is an important concept for leaders here.  Whether you are President of the United States or the owner of a small business with only contract part time employees, you are a critical lightning rod for an enormous amount of hope, anticipation angst and anger.

The mantle of leadership is not to be taken up lightly.  Whether by landslide or default, your organization has invested enough trust and hope in you to promote you (or go to work for you).  Now you must promote yourself and go to work courageously every day.

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