Become A Leader Virtual Leadership Conference

I was not planning to start blogging again until October; however, I want anyone reading to have access to the inaugural Become a Leader virtual leadership conference.  Information on BALO and the resources offered are that the preceding link.  This is an amazing undertaking that is designed to make the kind of serious leadership development capacity that larger firms have available to smaller and not for profit organizations.  Go wander the site, have a look at the blogs and other presenters.  Then follow the link below for information about the BALO conference.

This series is being offered free of charge thanks to a partnership with Polycomm- but space is limited.  the link below will take you to a web invitation, courtesy of MyBrainshark with all the details.

Click here for a web introduction and invitation

OK- back to my extended summer hiatus.  I will be blogging actively again in October.