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Six years ago, I began forming peer groups for Owners and CEOs.  Four years ago, I added a group for Key executives.  In many ways, Leaders of NFP organizations face the same challenges as for-profit leaders: finances, operations, people, regulatory issues, Board relations.


And yet, NFP organization are different.  They are truly mission oriented. They are building communal assets, serving a specific constituency, supporting a social rather than pursuing personal ownership, equity or wealth. And their boards’ composition, oversight and governance are different for the same reason.


NFP leaders may be founders and builders, but they are stewards rather than owners.  And while some have done well in my regular CEO groups, it is time to pioneer something specific to the needs of the NFP community.



Introducing a Private Peer Advisory Group for NFP Leaders Only

  • Meetings: Eight times a year (January-May and September-November), usually on Thursdays of the second full week of the month.
  • Two Overlapping sessions: (8:00 AM – 1:00 PM and 11:00 AM-4:00 PM).  Come to either session- or to both!
  • Remaining months- we hold a 2-hour express version of our meeting from 8-10 AM.
  • September meeting is our annual overnight retreat (in Arkansas)

  Vistage Executive Summit in February, an annual meeting in Dallas of over 800 business leaders.


  Invitations to Vistage speakers visiting Barry’s other Vistage groups (2 per year).


  • Members: CEOs (and COOs with operating authority) of central Arkansas not-for-profit organizations — no competitors, no conflicts
  • Members host in rotation (Meeting room light breakfast and lunch for guests and Host Presentation)

This group will launch in late Spring 2019. Contact Barry for more information

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